Opening a Bank Account in Malaysia in Details

Opening a Bank Account in Malaysia in Details

Malaysia positions as perhaps the best spot on the planet for expats to live, as per HSBC’s 2016 Global Explorer Survey. Surveyed on its chance for monetary possibilities, family life and by and large expat experience, Malaysia sits glad at number 28.

It’s this powerful blend of developing monetary fragments, amicable individuals, and an appealing atmosphere, that attracts individuals to Malaysia. Yet, on the off chance that you’re going there to work, consider or resign, at that point you will require a neighborhood ledger to kick you off.

Look at our convenient guide for all you require to think about opening a financial balance in Malaysia.

What Documents Need to Open a Bank Account in Malaysia?

Documents Need to Open a Bank Account in Malaysia

Malaysia expects to make the appearance of expats who satisfy certain prerequisites as advantageous as could be expected under the circumstances, with projects, for example, the MM2H visa. Under this program, outsiders ready to hold a fixed sum in a Malaysian financial balance (among other measures) can get an inexhaustible and adaptable visa.

Because of this generally open approach, and it’s going with monetary prerequisites, you will discover banks eager to assist you open a record.

The records you’ll have to open a record will differ, however regularly include:

  • Evidence of your entitlement to be in Malaysia – this could be your residency grant, or your MM2H visa archives. Check the approach of the particular bank you pick.
  • Personal ID, for example, an identification.
  • Least store sum – this is set by the bank, and differing as indicated by account type.
  • A few banks will take your unique mark for ID purposes.

Most financial balances will give you a charge card, however in the event that you need a Mastercard as well, you may need to give more desk work. Hope to be requested evidence of income, for example, payslips or a letter from your manager.

Try not to be killed if you don’t hold the entirety of the above archives. It’s as yet worth conversing with the bank director face to face, who may have elective proposals to assist you with beginning. All in all the way toward opening a record will be simpler in the event that you are alluded to by a bank by a Malaysian contact who as of now has a record there.

Can I Open a Bank Account From Abroad?

Open a Bank Account From Abroad

In principle, it is conceivable to open a Malaysian financial balance on the web. Both Maybank and CIMB, for instance, offer restricted items which can be orchestrated with no compelling reason to visit a branch face to face – yet there’s a trick. For these records you should have an ‘current relationship’ with the bank. That implies you should as of now have some type of record with them (in spite of the fact that this could under certain conditions be a business account, or a parent’s record on account of more youthful clients).

For most expats, this won’t help, and the better choice is to rather open a record with a global bank working in Malaysia. That way you can kick the cycle off before you move. Fortunately bunches of global banks work in Malaysia, yet it is absolutely worth checking if your home bank has a presence there.

Can I Open an Account as a Non-Resident?

It is conceivable to open a Malaysian financial balance as a non-occupant. The documentation needed to open a record isn’t fixed in law, so each bank has its own approach. You will as a rule need to show a reference from your organization, or a respectable Malaysian contact, just as a work license or different records demonstrating your entitlement to be in Malaysia.

Which Bank Should I Choose?

Which Bank Should I Choose?

Malaysia has a solid organization of both nearby and global banks. Opening a record is typically not any more troublesome than visiting a branch with the correct administrative work, and on the off chance that you pick a worldwide bank you could even do it before you show up.


Maybank (otherwise called Malayan Banking) are the biggest of Malaysia’s retail banks. They have a scope of records including normal checking and sparing records, Islamic banking, and items for youngsters. They have web, telephone and SMS based financial administrations just as a branch organization.


With more than 13 million clients, and in excess of 1,000 branches, you should have the option to locate a helpful part of CIMB. On offer are current and investment accounts, just as fixed term store items and charge cards. Web based banking is conceivable with all records.

Public Bank Berhad

Public Bank Berhad (PBE) is a huge Malaysian bank working over the area. They have a wide scope of items on offer, a few of which accompany related advancements, for example, money back on spending or limits for merchandise and ventures. It merits investigating the important part, in the event that you think any about the alternatives would be useful for you.

RHB Bank

RHB Bank offers a decent scope of fundamental and premium current records, reserve funds items and multi-money accounts. Nonetheless, a portion of the better worth items are just accessible for Malaysian residents and lasting occupants, so they may not be available for expats.

All in all, opening a financial balance in Malaysia ought not be a muddled undertaking. As the significant banks have great English language site pages with a sensible scope of items on offer, you will have the option to limit your choices online prior to setting off to the bank face to face. Once there, staff should have the option to open a record in a brief timeframe, and issue you an essential bank card on the spot for ATM withdrawal.

Banking Fees and Charges

Banking Fees and Charges

Peruse the terms and conditions cautiously before you pick a financial balance – particularly with regards to banking expenses and charges.

Any ordinary charges demanded to keep your record open or utilize a credit or check card will mount up after some time, so it pays to know. Other regular charges incorporate a set expense for pulling out money from an ATM worked by an alternate bank.

A few records in Malaysia have a base equilibrium prerequisite, which means you should consistently keep a specific sum in your record. Others have a set least pay expected to work, so a consistent progression of new subsidizes must go through the record to evade charges.

Consider your own inclinations while picking a record that is appropriate for you. For instance, HSBC offers a ‘no nonsense’ record which incorporates free fundamental financial administrations, yet just for those creation extremely restricted quantities of exchanges. This may suit you in case you’re not going to utilize the record habitually – yet it’s not for everybody.

Another test for expats can be finding the most ideal approach to move cash between accounts which utilize various monetary forms. Customary banks can be a costly course for this. They’ll frequently charge for handling the exchange, convert at a moderately helpless conversion scale, and a worldwide expense may likewise be brought about at the less than desirable end.

For global cash moves with low, straightforward expenses, take a stab at utilizing Transferwise all things considered. Transferwise permit you to move cash between accounts utilizing the genuine conversion scale – no markup, and no concealed charges.