Profitable business ideas in Mauritius for foreign investors

Profitable business ideas in Mauritius for foreign investors

Mauritius, an East African island nation lies lavishly with its majestic landscape, flora and fauna in Indian Ocean. It is one of the most prosperous nations in African continent. Thanks to the open trade policies of this nation that promoted vast profitable business ideas in Mauritius for foreign investors.

Unfortunately, things seemed to take a different turn during the Covid-19 pandemic from the beginning of 2020. Many startups, small, medium and even big businesses are facing heavy losses worldwide due to the virus outbreak. Mauritius felt this heat as well; the country saw the biggest loss in their tourist sector.

For instance, oil and fuel sectors got a big blow due to limited vehicle on the roads. In summary, the ill effects on business have a long list in this country. However, not all trades seem to be suffering in this condition. There are few business ideas in Mauritius which have immense potentials to grow big even during the crisis period.

Few businesses seem to be blooming at their fullest right at the middle of pandemic period when other trades are counting their last breath. These ingenious business ideas in Mauritius not only took over the business market here, but also saved the economy of the nation. Moreover, it kept the dreams and of foreign investment plans in Mauritius alive, even in the middle of global crisis.

Now you must be wondering, what are the businesses for foreigners that are running strong even in a critical time like this? You also might be thinking that, among those, which idea is right for me to put my investments on in Mauritius once the crisis period is over and the global restrictions are lifted up? Well, go no further as here we have listed out some profitable business ideas in Mauritius just for you to choose from.

Gas refill and delivery service

Almost all houses in Mauritius depend on cylinder gas for cooking, during pandemic lockdown; regular refilling of cylinder seemed to be problematic for many families. You can think of making their life easier by refilling the cylinders and deliver those to their owners in exchange of certain amount. This business startup has big potential and can give you swift money in Mauritius.

Cleaning and maintenance service

Corona outbreak accelerated another business in Mauritius, and that is cleaning and maintenance service. Whether it is domestic or commercial demand, cleaning and maintenance service asked for extra attention in this nation.  It is in fact one of the most profitable business idea in Mauritius and if you can start one in this country, you will be expected to have a good commercial prospective in future.

Software development firm

Software development firms initially struggled to stand still when the Corona affected major parts of the world. This in Fact put a bitter impact on businesses in Mauritius too. However, most businesses throughout the world are now running remotely. Businesses here demands better security and maintenance software. This call for a relevant business and you are welcome to initiate a software developing firm in Mauritius.

E-commerce business

E-commerce business has a big market in Mauritius. It is a market of 1.265 million people. During pandemic outbreak most of the people prefer to stay at their own home to prevent virus spread out in the community. The best option for solving regular shopping spree right from the home is the online market places. So, if have a capital and resource to start an effective e-commerce business in Mauritius, this seems to be the perfect time for it.

Online tutoring

When the scope of physical tutoring is narrow due to social distancing in Corona pandemic, online tutoring service seem to be the most effective way to education students in Mauritius. This sector seems to be gaining rapid popularities in current time. If you are an expat with prior experience in relevant field, this can definitely be a one of the profitable business ideas in Mauritius for you.

Backyard faming

This is an interesting business proposal where you need to think farming in a rather micro scale. Instead of mammoth farming project, the investment will go on a project that can easily fit at your house backyard. This farming project can either be a vegetable farm, a poultry enclosure or an aquaponics project. These ingenious farming plans takes less space but the revenue outcome is quick and impressive.

Online business advisory service

Rather than face to face client dealing, social distancing due to Covid-19 put the whole advisory business process online. Additionally, the demand for expert consultancy and advices didn’t go down a bit. Whether new business initiations, personal motivations, health or educational consultancy, advisory services are running at its own pace in Mauritius. In summery it is another profitable business idea in Mauritius for foreign investors as well as local corporate initiators.

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