Top 10 business plans in Singapore during Covid-19 pandemic

Top 10 business plans in Singapore during Covid-19 pandemic

Singapore went through a huge national crisis due to this Covid-19 pandemic. To tackle the situation and curb out the virus spread out, Singaporean government took several drastic initiatives. Although appreciated nationwide, this initiatives put some serious limitations on trade opportunities in Singapore.

However, not all businesses went to the vein. There are few business plans in Singapore those in fact, flourished during Covid-19 pandemic. In this piece of content we will bring forward those business opportunities and will briefly discuss on top 10 business plans in Singapore during Covid-19 Pandemic.   

Top 10 Business you can start in Singapore during Covid-19

1. Food delivery service

Nationwide lockdown put a bombshell on F&B business in Singapore. The crisis however, is a common factor throughout the world. In Singapore Restaurant and business took a different turn. Customers’ were deprived of coming into the restaurants and food carts.

Service like GRAB kitchen initiated virtual kitchen that delivers on demand food to customers. Although the Covid-19 condition is still not fully under control, but even if the pandemic gets in control, this food delivery business in Singapore has a long fortunate journey ahead of it.

2. Tele medicine

Tele medicine proved to be a great way of providing distance health care service during Corona pandemic in Singapore. When social distancing has turned out to be necessary rule in Singapore, getting doctors advices face to face and visiting health care facilities became very difficult for general patients.

Telemedicine service in this restriction turned out to be one of the most convenient paths of getting doctors’ advices from home and from here onward this service turn out to be a profitable business field in Singapore.

3. Virtual consultation business

The pandemic initially put a big blow to the consultation services in Singapore as the social distancing turned out to be a compulsory matter to abide. However, the limitation opened up another door for this business.

Same consultations from same experts but the clients doesn’t have to visit all the way to the office, instead can get the service right from their own house; that is via online live streaming. Virtual consultation services therefore quite a profitable business plan in Singapore.

4. Autonomous transport service

A very unexpected and interesting service which popped out of nowhere in the street of Singapore during COVID situation is the autonomous transport service. Although the technology has not been fully developed, one company already deployed their self-driven vehicles in the streets of Singapore.

During social distancing in Covid-19 pandemic, this deployment got a very good responds in the nation. It is being used for various purposes like product delivery and passenger carrying services. If you have similar investment plan in Singapore, the nation welcomes your proposition.  

5. Hi-tech farming and fishery projects

When Covid-19 pandemic is on the run, social distancing created a big difference on labors industries. This therefore put an impact on farming sectors in the country. When traditional fields faced the limitations of labors, Hi-tech farming and fishery projects took over this field. 

Hi-tech cultivation ideas, such as Aquaponics, mineral enriched protein source production etc got mass attentions during crisis. Involving in one of this hi-tech farming business can be a good business to investment in Singapore in this pandemic.

6. Online mental health counselor

Interestingly online mental health counseling business got an upgraded rank in Singapore business market during covid-19 blockage. Constant lockdown, social distancing, sudden change of lifestyle etc could be a cause for this rise in demand.

If you are a business opportunist and also an experienced psychiatrist, mental health counselor, or an expert in relevant field, we suggest you to keep this business plan in mind and move forward in this profession online while residing in Singapore. 

7. Online tutoring and education service

Online tutoring and education service business got a strong call during the Corona crisis. The pandemic couldn’t stop people to gather skills and knowledge even though training centers and educational institutes are all closed.

Online tutoring and education service proved to be one of the effective ways for learners. If you want to start your own online tutoring and education service in Singapore, you first need to be an expert in a particular academic or skill buildup subject.

8. Social media marketing

When physical outlets and shops seemed impossible to run in this nationwide virus outbreak, social media marketing turned out to be the rational solution to reach the bigger chunk of consumers and continue with the business. Singapore took full advantage of this scope.

The trend of marketing through social media is however, not new, but due to the lockdown scenario this business got a strong boost. From current scenario it seems like social media marketing will now have a separate rank in Singapore corporate environment. 

9. Product delivery business

Similar to food delivery business, product delivery service also took Covid-19 crisis for its own favor. The aim of this business is to deliver general products, which may include foods as well. The social lockdown has been taken as a scope to raise the demand of product delivery businesses in Singapore.

Whether it is grocery, life saving medicines or on-demand commercial goods from vendors, this business seems to be at its best possible position during this crisis period. Product delivery business therefore easily made its position in the list of top 10 business plans in Singapore during Covid-19 pandemic.

10. Software development firm

Last in this list of top 10 business plans in Singapore during Covid-19 Pandemic come the software development firms. Many businesses got damaged due to virus breakdown in Singapore. However, software development business has managed to survive from this crisis and even seem to thrive.

The demand for online security applications and bespoke office management software are still in high demand. So, if you are in this venture, you can definitely start this business in Singapore as the commercial demand of software development business is pretty high in Singapore.

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