UAE investment plan: Top 10 business opportunities in Dubai

UAE investment plan: Top 10 business opportunities in Dubai

If you are planning to start a business in one of the gulf nation, know that Dubai have fabulous opportunities for you. UAE is one of the fastest growing nations in the world and Dubai gets the crown for that achievement. The City offers immense opportunity and it is bustling with giant businesses and corporation bodies. Once UAE investment plan is in consideration, Dubai always comes at the top of the list. With that in mind, here in this article we will give you top 10 business opportunities in Dubai.

Top 10 Dubai business opportunities

1. Construction

A big scope of opportunity comes from the sector of construction in Dubai. So far it seems like Dubai gives a high priority to the city’s infrastructure. The shinning skyscrapers, mammoth shopping malls, stadiums, theme parks, airports and tallest building are the evidence of it.

When in Dubai you can expect to see new skyscrapers in every day or two. On top of that, keeping Dubai Expo 2020 in target, the rate of infrastructure development has tripled its rate. So, if you can involve yourself in construction sector, a prospective outcome in Dubai can be assured.

2. Retail business

Store front and warehouses are of great demand to set up a retail business in Dubai. Due to the high foreign expat’s demand, presence of big market and frequent emerges of various business, setting up a retail business can be seen as a wise trade opportunity in Dubai.

3. IT and software

When businesses are emerging at an exponential pace in Dubai, the demands for quality business software are also rising at a parallel rate. IT and software firms come to the rescue in this condition. The core business in this sector is selling business and security software to the companies. If you have prior knowledge and experience in it, you can put your investment in IT and software sector in Dubai.

4. Engineering

If you are an engineer and are seeking for an opportunity to set a business in Dubai, the city will be more than glad to welcome you. Engineer, whether architect, mechanical or chemical, Dubai have high demand for all of it. In summery if you are looking for best business opportunity in Dubai and if you are a qualified engineer with prior experience, this city got enticing business plans for you.

5. Healthcare and safety business

Dubai is putting a great deal of importance in healthcare sector. This is because Dubai is a prime destination for major businesses and millions of foreign investors and travelers reside and travel into this city at regular basis. So, ensuring superior healthcare is a prime priority. This fact sums up to a conclusion that if you can able to set a venture on health and safety in Dubai, you are in a prospective path of business.

6. F&B business

Food and beverage business has a strong demand in Dubai. It needs to mention that the country houses multinational cultures. People all around the world gather here either for set their luck into business or for travelling purposes. Naturally the demands of multicultural cuisines are of big demand in this nation.

Other than that If you can set a restaurant or fast food outlet that provides testy treats to the customers, this business in Dubai is all in your hand. The final verdict is that food and beverage businesses need a big attention in this list of business opportunity in Dubai if quality and halal food can be supplied to the customers. 

7. Hospitality and hotel management

Dubai has a long reputation of providing superior hospitality services in the world. The city deals with huge number of foreign expats, therefore providing world class hospitality service is a prior need. On top of that, Dubai expo 2020 set the hotel accommodation target to a record level which ultimately demands for huge number of service providers coming out from hospitality sectors. Therefore, if you can set hospitality service business in Dubai, a business with good future can be assured.

Same goes for the hotel management sector. If you got enough capital we suggest you to set a hotel management business in UAE. It has a huge business opportunity in Dubai and every year they seek for qualifies candidates in this particular sector. Able to setup a business on hotel management therefore can give you a good corporate boost in Dubai.

8. Cleaning and maid service

When thinking about Dubai the first picture that appears in everyone’s mind is a neat and clean city. Dubai is considered the jewel of UAE, and such name has its reason. The city authorities give a great deal of priority to cleanliness and hygiene to public spaces, business premises and domestic households. Keeping that priority in mind, cleaning and maid service business can do a great deal of business in Dubai.

9. Consultancy firm

Dubai is bustling with businesses. It is one of the prime business hubs in the world. Every year thousands of entrepreneurs and investors come here to try their luck in corporate world. However, before hop directly into the corporate field most investors prefer expert consultations. Various business consulting firms are already running in Dubai. So expect competition.

Nevertheless if you got firm knowledge and experience in this field, you can set up a business in this city related to consultancy.  You can make a good fortune out of your consultancy firm in Dubai if the services are up to the mark.

10. Recruiting service

When the city is packed with business centers and corporate bodies, you can expect a demand of huge number of workers in Dubai. That makes recruiting service a good business in Dubai and the demand of this business is seeing scoring heights. This business can open up a whole new level of fortunes for you if you can set a good reputation among businesses and can create a strong bridge between companies and skilled workers.

Meta data: Dubai is a prime location of various local and foreign business scopes. In this article we have listed out and described top 10 business opportunities in Dubai.