10 business ideas in Malaysia for smart investors

10 business ideas in Malaysia for smart investors

For past several years Malaysia has proven to be a worthy nation that is well equipped for accommodating potential investors and foreign workers. The country came a long way and now it is one of the business epicenters in South Asia.

The gratitude for today’s Malaysia goes to the country’s efficient policy makers for building business friendly environment.  Next in the row are the ingenious local and foreign investors who constantly came up with sustainable investment plans and business ideas in Malaysia and finally efficient workforce policies for engaging efficient local and foreign workers.

However, Malaysia still has many pockets for big developments. Policy makers are constantly working for national benefits and now the country seeks for investors who can boost up the economy to a next level. There are several business sectors that need prior attentions. These are business opportunities in Malaysia many corporate initiators seem to skip out.

We don’t want you to wonder around with confusion when planning to invest in Malaysia. Therefore, here we have listed out 10 business ideas in Malaysia for smart investors.  So, keep reading this article till the end and you may find the right business idea in Malaysia for a successful corporate beginning.

10 business ideas in Malaysia

1. Health and safety product manufacturing business

When considering the present pandemic scenario, manufacturing business of health and safety items will be one of the best business ideas in Malaysia. Items like, hand sanitizer, protective masks, gloves etc. has an increasing. Being a smart business investor you should keep this demand under consideration. 

2. Food and beverage

Food and beverage business always have a high demand in Malaysia. Whether local or foreign, people in Malaysia love their food and love to explore more with their taste buds. Although the competition is high in this sector, but if you can come up with unique flavor and a taste in your cuisine, this business is yours.

3. Airbnb

If you have an extra accommodation in Malaysia you can consider the Airbnb business. This business is comparatively new but has immense possibilities to draw a fortune out of it. Here you basically put up your extra accommodation for temporary allotment to foreign tourists or expats. All it needs is a tidy room followed by signing up with Airbnb app. online.

4. Smart gadget and accessories outlet

Malaysians always seem to show a deep interest on smart mobile gadgets.  Products like latest smart phones, tabs and laptops are of hot demand here. If you can come up with smart phone, wearable gadget and tech accessories outlet in Malaysia, you can expect to draw a fortune from this business. However, you need to make sure superior after sale services and great customer care.

5. Internet business

Another business that is seeing its golden time is the internet business. During the pandemic lockdown the internet dependency in Malaysia has gone up to an exponential rate. Although the restrictions have been subsided, the demands for internet services are still seeing its peak. When this is the scenario, a wise business investor will see it as a business opportunity.

6. Laundry business

Laundry business has a great deal of opportunity in Malaysia. The people in this country are always seems to be at the run. In this busy condition washing, ironing or dry cleaning clothes are pretty much bothersome for many households. A good laundry can save them from this hassle. In summary, a laundry business has a good commercial future in Malaysia.

7. Day care

If you have prior experience on working with children, this is the perfect business sector for you. It is one of a very exciting and high demand business that also asks for loads of patience and dedications. Here you will be paid to babysit children regularly till their parents return and take them home. If you can set this business in Malaysia it will surely return you with big fortune.

8. T-shirt printing business

Printed T-shirts have a good demand in Malaysia. On top of that people here plunge for quality branded t-shirt. This calls for another smart business idea in Malaysia. If you have prior business ideas on unique designed T-shirt printing and apparel manufacturing sector, buckle up yourself and go forward with your investment on this particular profitable sector.

9. Handicraft and hobby item production  

This is more of a creative business type. You need to put some brain storming before coming up with the products. Although Malaysian seem to be workaholic, but this is not entirely true, they love to decorate their home and maintain hobbies. This makes handicraft and hobby item production business a strong enlistment in this list. 

10. Cleaning service

When considering profitable business ideas in Malaysia for smart investors, the demand for cleaning service business comes pretty high in the list. Cleaning service is always on high demand both for commercial as well as domestic purposes in Malaysia. If you have equipments, crews and experience in managing relevant business, it is a highly recommended business for you in Malaysia.


The ideas listed above are not the only opportunities in Malaysia. The fact is that, Malaysia is packed with business opportunities. If you are looking for even more small businesses ideas in Malaysia you have food van, coffee shop and various other professional services that clients often demands for.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is looking for big business opportunities in Malaysia, you got opportunities like RMG manufacturing, Oil, gas and natural resource mining and manufacturing, automobile assembly, electronic manufacturing, processed food manufacturing factory etc.

Whatever your business plan is, the primary demand to start a corporation is a dynamic and sustainable business blueprint. After that it needs a proper business setup process in Malaysia. These processes are convenient when you hire an experienced business consultant. It is therefore highly recommended to recruit a professional consultant when you have finally fixed your business idea in Malaysia.

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